Make Your Own Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Supplements
In This Special
"How-To" Report
How "backroom" supplement dealers are laughing all the way to the bank... with YOUR MONEY!

A downright sneaky (but totally legal!) trick to save as much as 98% on ALL your formulas! ('s TRUE!)
Plus...More Supplement Tips!


Revealed! The Nasty Secret Shady Supplement Companies Are PRAYING You Never Find Out...

That YOU Can Easily And Simply
Create Your Own Powerful "Super Supplements"
That Work EVEN BETTER Than Expensive Name Brands...For Mere PENNIES On The Dollar!


To: Any supplement monkey sick of getting RIPPED OFF!
The covert HQ of Jeff Anderson

Yes...the report you're about to read got me in a LOT of "hot water"!

I tried getting it published in 3 different bodybuilding magazines (hell...I even tried PAYING them to run this report!)...and each time I was turned down!


Because they know the TRUTH...and they wanted to keep it from you!

You see...they've become slaves to the big-box supplement companies who take out outrageously expensive full page ads in their magazines to convince you that they've FINALLY discovered the very latest breakthrough for transforming you into the ripped and shredded "steroid-beasts" they use for their advertising.

In fact, the "natural" supplement industry rakes in BILLIONS of dollars each year offering us the "privilege" of chocking down some secret tropical flower that for hundreds of years has made the lost tribesmen from the island of Spuj the sex gods of the islands.

  • "Hormone Enhancers" promising to make you hornier than a rabbit on Viagra are being popped like M&M's...

  • "Fat Burners" are practically flying off the shelves by themselves with a "guarantee" to melt away every last ounce of fat that's been keeping you from turning heads with your 6-pack abs...

  • "Performance Boosters" that promise you will be frothing at the mouth like psychotic madman in the gym have us bouncing off the walls, like a 4-year old after 8 candy bars...

...and the supplement manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank!

Sorry to be so blunt, but quite frankly...I'm sick and tired of getting RIPPED OFF!

How do I know you and I are getting scammed?

Well to be honest with you...

Several years ago I became "friends" with
a supplement industry "Insider"
who DID the "ripping off"!

The Muscle Nerd Jeff AndersonMy name is Jeff Anderson (but you probably know me as the "Muscle Nerd", "Champion for the Average Joe" looking to build muscle and burn fat).

The story I'm about to tell you is absolutely true...

...and it will probably disgust you as much as it did ME!

Dave (not his real name) was a former pro-bodybuilder who decided to create his very own supplement manufacturing company specializing in taking scrawny, pip-squeeks like me and messing around with our hormones to build us up into the gian "head-turners" we men all secretly want to be when we're in our 20's.

And he made a VERY good living at it!

He had his own research lab...his own production facility...a shipping and receiving warehouse...order taking call center...and he ran full page ads in the major bodybuilding magazines.

Yes, Dave sold a LOT of supplements and made a LOT of money...

...and get this...all from one single room in his 3 bedroom house!

That's right...he received boxes of raw ingredients...combined them in his own "formulas" based upon his review of University medical research papers...encapsulated and bottled the ingredients himself...took orders using a single phone line in his home...and shipped them out right from his mailbox every single day to eager "hardgainers" all over the world! 

All from just ONE ROOM in his house!

Over a period of several months, Dave pulled back the "curtain of secrecy" behind which all of the supplement companies conceal their tactics.

He "schooled" me on the in's and out's...the lies and deceptions...and the shameless FRAUDS that are so prominent in today's supplement industry.

But that's not ALL he showed me...

He showed me how to make my own PERSONAL
muscle-building & fat-burning supplements
using extremely POWERFUL and PROVEN ingredients...

...that work even BETTER than the
high-priced "name brand" products I was buying!

Hey don't get me wrong...I'm a HUGE fan of supplements!

If you take the RIGHT ONES...the RIGHT WAY...and at the RIGHT TIME, they can truly help you achieve ANY of your fitness goals

But here's the problem...

"Black Operative" shady supplement con-men are giving legitimate, "White Hat" companies a bad name!

Yes, there really ARE good quality supplements out there put out by good quality companies that really DO care about their customers.

(Ok, so they're few and far between...but they exist.)

Unfortunately the VAST MAJORITY of them are pushing out mega-pills of exotic-but-worthless herbal powders that will do little if NOTHING for your fitness goals!

Why do they do this?  Because studies show that THIS is what YOU want!

Yeah, that's right...for some strange reason, if the average "gym rat" doesn't see a long list of exotic ingredients on a product label, they think they're NOT getting the very latest "cutting edge" formulas they think they need in order to build muscle and burn fat.

But guess what...90% of the name brand products you're spending your hard earned money on are setting you up for a frustrating and expensive lesson!

Why the odds are NINE in TEN that your fitness supplements
Are NOT Doing Their Job!

Companies hide their ingredients behind "patent-pending" and "proprietary blend" gimmicks to avoid revealing the truth...that their formulas are nothing more than ordinary compounds disguised as "revolutionary breakthroughs"!
Most supplements list "proven" active ingredients on their labels that CAN help you build more muscle and burn fat... but contain so LITTLE of the actual ingredient that they will literally have NO EFFECT on your body unless you take expensive MEGA-DOSES!
Scientific jargon is meant to force the "Average Joe" to simply TRUST that a supplement contains "medicine-like" qualities...when it may be nothing more than overpriced black pepper, tea leaves, sugar, or cheap vitamins!

These are just a FEW examples of the ways that fraudulent supplement manufacturers conspire against us "average" guys busting our ass for any scrap of new muscle or a peek at something that resembles an ab on our midsection. 

In just a minute, I'm going to give you the opportunity to check out the "Top 10 Deceptive Marketing Tactics" supplement companies use to swindle us out of our hard-earned money.

But as revolting as these tactics are...they're not even the WORST of it!

If you think THAT'S bad,
just wait until you hear THIS...

Marketing masters know that we've all been programmed to believe that the more something costs, the better it is.  That's why a Lexus costs more than Volkswagen, right?

So if you were looking at 2 bottles...both claiming to help you build muscle and burn fat but one costs $9.99 and the other costs $49.99...which do YOU think would be the most effective?

Hell, wouldn't you RATHER spend $50 on something that WILL give you some REAL results rather than WASTE $10 on something that won't do a thing for you?

I know I would...and shady supplement manufacturers know we would also!

They know that even if they put together a worthless supplement that costs them less than a dollar a bottle to make, they will make MORE SALES and make MORE MONEY if they charge you $89.99 and give it a scientific trademarked name!

This con is carried out right under our noses and we're practically BEGGING them to allow us the privilege to spend MORE!

But here's the "nasty little secret" the supplement manufacturers are praying you NEVER discover...

You can actually make your very own PERSONAL
sports supplements for ANY FITNESS GOAL that
work EVEN BETTER than the "name brands"!

And you can do it QUICKLY and EASILY
with NO special knowledge...
NO expensive equipment...
and with EASY-TO-FIND ingredients

for as little as just a FEW CENTS PER DAY!

Think about it...

What if your favorite supplement company that normally charged you $50 for your their best supplement came to you and said...

"Hey Joe (or whatever your name is), you seem to really like
this supplement!  What if I gave you the ADVANCED formula
that works even BETTER...but instead of $50,
I'm ONLY going to charge you $6.37!

You'd probably wet your pants with excitement and throw him your wallet before he changed his mind, wouldn't you?!

Well, THAT'S the kind of deal I'm about to offer YOU...

Here's what I mean...

I've just completed a "no holds barred" expose of the supplement manufacturing and marketing industry that reveals the shocking truth behind all of the cons, scams, frauds, tricks, and downright disgusting smoke and mirrors tactics played out on us average consumers every damn day. 

Make Your Own SupplementsIt's called...

Supplement Secrets"

...but don't be mistaken...this is NOT just another "anti-supplement" rant by another "fitness guru".

Anyone with this kind of inside information can simply tell you about the "tricks of the trade", but that doesn't help you reap the benefits of a proper supplementation program. 

It only makes you even MORE suspicious and hesitant to actually TRY some of the supplements that really CAN help you achieve your personal fitness goals!

No...this manual is MUCH more than a peek inside the deceptive tactics of the mysterious supplement manufacturing companies.

I take you on a "No B.S." journey into the most EFFECTIVE and the most WORTHLESS supplements you may already be using (or be tempted to use)...and I turn them INSIDE OUT!

You see, I've done ALL of the research for you by analyzing the REAL science behind which supplements are purely worthless...which ones show some promise...and which ones will provide you with the powerful results you're looking for 100% guaranteed!

But not only do I provide you with FACTS behind your favorite supplements...I provide you with the STEP-BY-STEP recipes and roadmaps that ANYONE can follow to begin jacking up your training results right EASILY making your OWN supplement formulas right in your very own home!

Bodybuilding Supplement RecipesIn fact...

"RECIPES" to get you started right away!

No matter what your're GUARANTEED to find what you're looking for in these recipes.

But let me warn you right now...

Once you see how much you could have saved on the name brand supplements you may have already been's going to downright piss you off!

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"Your program cuts through all the BULL...
...and your formulas WORK!"

"People at the gym are ALWAYS coming up to me and asking me what supplements they should be taking.

That's when I rip off a piece of paper from my training journal and scribble down your "Homemade Supplement Secrets" website and tell them your program is all they need!

You're 'Average Joe Guide' is the best resource I've seen to show people how to construct an effective supplement plan AND save a load of money at the same time.

When I see all the supplement ads or walk into my local supplement store, I'm amazed by all that's out there.

Your program cuts through all the bull...and your formulas WORK!

Thanks for looking out for all of us Jeff!"

Wayne Robins
I.F.B.B. Pro Bodybuilder


Here's what you can expect to see once you get an exclusive look inside the most revealing "tell-all" manifesto to EVER target the "bad boys" of the fitness industry...

Step 1:

I identify the 3 "BEST SELLING "
supplements in 8 separate categories

Body Building Supplements

These are popular formulas you see spread across every fitness magazine.  I've covered EVERY area of supplementation you could ever want to explore...

"Muscle Builders" Post-Workout Recovery
"Fat Burners" "Hormone Boosters"
"Mass Gainers " Nitric Oxide
Pre-Workout Energy Aids Sports Performance

Step 2:

I turn each individual supplement INSIDE OUT
to expose the NAKED TRUTH about what WORKS...
...and what's WORTHLESS!

I break down the primary and ancillary ingredients in each of these 24 supplements and show you what REAL RESEARCH had to say about their effectiveness.

I promise you'll be SHOCKED at what I found out about some of the ingredients you and I are spending our hard-earned money on!

No more "trusting" that supplement manufacturers are watching out for us little guys.  The couldn't care LESS about us!  They know it...I know it...and deep in your heart, you know it too!

Step 3:

Bodybuilding Supplement RecipesI provide you with my
PERSONAL recommended

The same way that perfume companies copy the "smells" of high-priced designer fragrances and offer them at cut-throat prices, I show you how YOU can "copy" the top supplement formulas in the industry...flush the wastefull, worthless crap they've added to make it more expensive...and in some cases, make a few small changes to make them even MORE POWERFUL than the original!

ALL of these "knock off" recipes are quick, easy, require no fancy equipment or technical knowledge

These secrets really ARE for the "Average Joe" and...

I give you a full 24 "Top Secret"
Step-By-Step Recipes You Can Make Yourself

Step 4:

I even show you WHERE to find the

Even if you're making your own personal supplement formulas, you need your "suppliers", right?  No worries...I've taken care of EVERYTHING...

Yes, I will even open up my very own "little black book" of the very BEST resources for quality supplement ingredients that will SHOCK you with their prices.

I've turned over every rock I could find for the past 2 years in looking for the very best deals available on supplements.

You'll be amazed at some of the deals that are literally HIDDEN from the average person and tucked away in the darkest corners you may never even think to look.

I found them...and now their YOURS!


* * Brand New . . . Just Added! * *

My PERSONALLY Researched,
Developed, And Tested
Supplement "Recipes"!

Imagine if you could make your own supplements that you could actually FEEL and SEE working...without question...WAY better than even the best "name brand" supplements you see marketed in the magazines?

I KNOW you've spent your hard-earned money on expensive supplements before only to end up frustrated, wondering if they were working, right?

Well not with MY supplement recipes!

You'll FINALLY be able to EASILY make your own supplements that will leave you with NO DOUBT they're working because you'll see and feel the results!.

My formula "recipes" are going to

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Hopefully you can see by now just how easy it will be for you to FINALLY take advantage of a proper supplementation program without forking over a week's paycheck.

And hopefully you can see that if you EVER want to maximize your potential for ANY fitness goal you may have, you need to know which supplements are powerful performers and separate them from the shameless herbs and spices disguised as the lastest "breakthrough" miracle supplement!

But I don't have to be psychic to know the one question you have on your mind, do I?

Ok, here's where we get to the "good stuff"...

Just Look At How Much Money You'll Save
By QUICKLY And EASILY Making Your Own Supplements
With My STEP-BY-STEP Instructions...

Here is a quick breakdown of each of the 8 Supplement Categories and your calculated savings for each of the recipes you're about to discover...

Energy/Pre-Workout Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Prime the body for intense workouts, enhanced energy, faster recovery of damaged muscle fibers, stimulate hormone release, and increase cell volume.

Top Selling
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $70.93 A MONTH!

"Mass Gainer" Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Stimulate the growth of muscle mass during heavy training periods of for those who have a hard time gaining weight.

Top Selling
"Mass Gainer"
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $63.05 A MONTH!

"Muscle Builder" Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Stimulate growth of lean muscle tissue through activating various elements of the hypertrophic ("muscle building) process.

Top Selling
"Muscle Builder"
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $63.76 A MONTH!

"Fat Burner" Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase the body's metabolism to aid in weight loss and stimulate the breakdown and use of body fat for fuel.

Top Selling
"Fat Burner"
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $84.99 A MONTH!

Sports Performance Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase your endurance, speed, and power while providing the body with the nutrients needed to maximize training intensity.

Top Selling
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $47.55 A MONTH!

Post-Workout Recovery Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Facilitate the body's ability to recover from intense training sessions, stimulating muscle repair and growth, energy regeneration, hormone regulation, and fat burning.

Top Selling
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $71.96 A MONTH!

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase lean muscle growth and size by increasing blood flow and stimulating the release of anabolic ("muscle building") hormones.

Top Selling
Nitric Oxide
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up to $103.34 A MONTH!

"Hormone Booster" Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase the body's natural hormone release for activation of lean muscle growth, enhanced sex drive, and increased fat-burning.

Top Selling
Hormone Booster
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
Best Seller #1
Best Seller #2
Best Seller #3

You Save Up To $83.79 A MONTH!

C'mon...did you REALLY think I was overstating how much you could save by making your own supplements?

I don't exagerate!

"The amount of money I save over buying name brands is INCREDIBLE...and YOUR 'recipes' work even BETTER!"

"Hi Jeff!

I bought your 'Homemade Supplement Secrets' book and I've been using a mixture of your pre- and post-workouts formulas from the recipes you provided.

The amount of money I save over buying name brands is INCREDIBLE...and your 'recipes' work even BETTER!

I'm getting ready for my 1st bodybuilding competition at 36 years old and I'm currently at 4.3% body fat...completely drug free.

During my final cutting stage, I actually lost the last bit of fat I needed to...but I STILL managed to gain 1 extra pound of muscle at the same time!

This is EXTREMELY hard to do at such low body fat levels and I have no doubts that your formulas helped me add on that extra muscle while getting shredded for my contest!

For all those who doubt that they can actually make their own supplements that work even BETTER than expensive brands, they're making a HUGE MISTAKE and getting their wallets sucked dry.

I used to buy their products but now I'm sold on making my own. Thanks to you,
I'm saving a TON of money and getting GREAT RESULTS!

~ Garth C.
London, OH

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So now the question is..."How much is getting my hands on this information going to cost me?", right?

Those that know the quality of the products I put out, realize that I'm certainly NOT the cheapest "expert" on the block...but I also believe in giving GREAT VALUE and OVER-DELIVERING on my promises!

Most of my programs cost around $67-$97 and are gobbled up simply because people know that I provide cutting edge information you can't find anywhere else.

And let's face it...

If you make just ONE of these supplements yourself,
you'll save HUNDREDS of dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

For that reason alone, I could easily charge $97 for this program and it would STILL pay you back over and over again, wouldn't it?

But THIS program is "different"!

You've been "milked" enough by the supplement companies and this program is my way of GIVING BACK to "Average Joe Gym-Member" who's been financing the corporate yacht for some big-wig pumping out worthless powders and telling us to expect miraculous growth!

So I'm going to make you an offer that, if you use ANY of the kinds of supplements I've just gone would be certifiably INSANE to pass up!

No, I'm NOT going to charge you $97...I'm NOT going to charge you $67...I'm NOT even going to charge you $47!

Special "Fight Back" Offer:


No, that isn't an "eye-test"...that really IS $27 you see there!

In fact, I'm so sure you're going to be overwhelmed at your personal savings that I'm going to GUARANTEE you will save money with this easy-to-follow consumer guide!


There Is NO WAY To Lose With My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm so sure that you're going to be excited about saving hundreds of dollars after reading this manual that I'm backing it up with my personal guarantee!

Order today and I'll give you up to 8 WEEKS to create your own powerful supplement formulas!  If you don't see the potential in saving 10 TIMES the cost of this book using my tips, I will refund 100% of your money!

No Questions Asked!


But there IS a "catch"...

I SERIOUSLY don't know how long
I'll be "allowed" to offer this program!

Yes, I know that sounds like some "info-mercial" sales gimmick.

But I' ve kept the price so ridiculously low because I intend to FLOOD the market with this "industry-shattering" information as quickly as possible.

You can imagine that once the "big box" supplement manufacturers start seeing a movement of guys getting tired of hyped up, over-priced "vitamins" and making their own formulas, I'm going to get labeled as a "trouble-maker"!

In fact, I released 1,000 copies to a select few members of my newsletter list in May and I got a few "nasty" emails from purchasers who thought it was unethical of ME to release this information!

Can you believe that?! 

I try to help them by saving them a ton of money and they accused ME of taking money away from the major supplement manufacturers simply because I'm giving away their "secret recipes"!

If this is how a select few idiots are going to react to this program, then quite frankly, I have no idea what continued public reaction is going to be.

And since I DO have some friends in the industry (both in the manufacturing AND marketing ends), I've decided that while I don't care about hurting the feelings of the big box supplement companies, I'm not looking to damage the business of friends who ARE putting out some quality supplements.

When my buddies tell me it's time to stop, I gotta stop.

If you spend ANY money on supplements to help you reach your fitness goals, then I urge BEG NOT wait to see if the program will be available even tomorrow!

This literally may be your ONLY chance
to secure a copy of this program...

...and if you make just ONE of these recipes,
you'll have already PAID YOURSELF BACK
at least DOUBLE what you've invested in the program!

Look, I DON'T want you to get all upset with ME if you're looking at this offer right now and decide to wait around and "think about it". 

I priced it so you don't even HAVE to think about it!   if you don't get your copy now and it's not here tomorrow, don't blame me.

So to help you make your decision FAST, here's a summary of what you get...

The Complete "Homemade Supplement Secrets" eCourse (Just $27) Includes...

The "Homemade
Supplements Secrets" eBook
(Downloadable .PDF eBook)

The most in-depth, tell-all secrets of the soft underbelly of the supplement industry!

You'll NEVER AGAIN be at the mercy of greedy supplement companies who are trying desperately to suck the life out of your bank account!

I'll let you in on ALL of the shady tactics you need to be aware of so you'll be able to make an educated decision EVERY TIME you evaluate the latest "breakthrough" miracle supplement!


24 Complete Step-By-Step Homemade Supplement "Recipes"!

These are "copy cat" recipe blends you can start making right way using simple, easy-to-find ingredients!

These are not exact duplicates of the originals...I've removed the bogus, worthless, expensive ingredients you were originally paying for...and then boosted some of the scientifically-proven, effective compounds that would have worked had they been in enough supply to begin with.

In other words, most of these formulas work even BETTER than the original!


Plus...I'm Throwing In These
5 FREE BONUSES (Valued At Over $150)
Just To Sweeten The Pot ...


Discount Supplement CompaniesFREE BONUS #1:  My Personal "Little Black Book" Of Ingredient Suppliers! (Downloadable .PDF file)


I've located some of the best "hidden treasures" on the internet...some very low-key nutritional production and distibution companies that are selling powerful compounds that will save you TONS!

No need to go looking for the best prices to maximize your savings...I've already done the legwork for you.  I'll give you the BEST sources for each individual ingredient of every single formula!

It's about time you start paying near MANUFACTURER prices...instead of the "sucker" prices the other guys at the gym are forking over!


UNLEASHED! Natural Testosterone Enhancement Manual
(Downloadable .PDF eBook)


This is one of my most popular manuals where I show guys 27 cutting edge strategies for NATURALLY increasing our own testosterone levels for faster muscle growth, enhanced fat burning...and the best sex of your life!


Supplement Stacks To Build MuscleFREE BONUS #3 :
Supplement Stacking Secrets
(Downloadable .PDF eBook)


As long as there are new supplements popping up as the "latest breakthrough"...the "Muscle Nerd" will be there to help you save!

I'll continue to take your requests and forward you brand new supplement "knock off" formulas complete with the same level of high quality research and analysis that you expect!

Cycle Supplements For Faster GainsFREE BONUS #4:
Supplement Cycling Secrets
(Downloadable .PDF eBook)


Most people don't realize that by "cycling" on and off specific supplements you can not only save money...but also GREATLY increase their power through the "rebound effect".

This Special Report shows you step-by-step how to master this advanced supplement technique.


My PERSONAL Supplement Recipes!
(Downloadable .PDF eBook)


This bonus by itself is virtually PRICELESS!

For over 16 months I've been researching, developing, and testing my own personal supplement formulas that will outperform even the most expensive name brand supplements you see in popular muscle magazines!

Check out what I've "cooked up" for you...

The Muscle Nerd's PERSONAL
Supplement "Recipe" Book Including...
"Pre-Workout 2-Phase Primer" Recipe
With this pre-workout "primer", you'll show up at the gym ready for battle...jacked with energy and ready to do some serious damage to those pesky little 45 lb weight plates!
"During Workout Power Potion" Recipe

This is one of my all time favorite recipes!

Designed to actually be consumed DURING your workout, you have so much power, strength, and motivation, they'll have to drag you out of the gym kicking and screaming!

"The Muscle Nerd Fat Burner" Recipe
This is the same exact personal supplement stack that helps me get down to a shredded 6.5% body fat!
"Growth Hormone Stack" Recipe
Unleash a flood of Human Growth Hormone for skyrocketing muscle gains, increased energy, and autopilot fat melting!
"The Muscle Nerd Testosterone Booster" Recipe
Develop gorilla-like strength and the fastest muscle growth you've ever seen with this "advanced" testosterone booster that puts all the other "name brand" boosters to shame!


So Ask Yourself...

How Many "Fitness Related" Programs
Have You EVER Purchased That Actually

Over $200 in Money-Saving,
Supplement-Boosting Information...

All For Just $27?!

So there you have it...the deal of the century for anyone who uses supplements as part of their own personal fitness program!

Do I really need to say more?

I didn't think so!

When you think about all of the money you're finally going to save, there's really only ONE CHOICE, isn't there?

Here's how to order...

QUICK JEFF!   Take Me Directly To The Download Area Where I Can Grab My Copy Of "Homemade Supplement Secrets" And Over $200 In FREE BONUSES!

I Want To Stop Wasting My Money On Expensive Supplements By Making My OWN Powerful Formulas!!!

I'm tired of spending my hard-earned money on "hyped up" bodybuilding and fat loss supplements that promise all and deliver NOTHING!
I understand that I can actually MAKE MY OWN powerful supplement formulas for a FRACTION of the cost of the name brands...and save HUNDREDS of dollars!
I understand that I can download the entire program (and my over $200.00 in FREE Bonuses) instantly...if I take advantage of this offer for only $97.00...

"Should Be" Priced At $97.00
Special "Fight Back" Offer
Just $27!

Internet Security Note:

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